In order to work effectively compression must be the correct size for you.
If you are new to wearing compression therapy, we advise you to be assessed and measured by your GP, nurse or pharmacist.
Alternatively, the best way to measure yourself or someone else is to use a flexible tailor’s tape, that measures in centimetres , to measure the circumference of key parts of your bare leg and foot.     
B - measure the circumference of the thinnest part of the calf - approximately 2 finger widths above the knobbly ankle bone
C - measure the circumference of the widest part of the calf
G - for tights and thigh high stockings measure the circumference of the widest part of the calf
For good quality medical stockings you will need to give the length. AD from the floor to the top of the calf muscle.
AG from the floor to two finger widths below the crotch.
NB, there is one company in the UK whose measuring does not conform to the worldwide standard position of where ABCD and G are, therefore please double check your measurements
Please make sure you check the sizing chart for the product that you wish to buy...and remember all measurements are in centimetres (cm)

Stockings for all legs
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